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Arte Bassanese’s art furniture and custom-made furnishings are the result of great craftsmanship, taste and passion for wood acquired a generation ago, passed from father to son and come down to us intact.


A training that began in the family’s ancient artisan workshop in the Bassano area, thanks to which unique and exclusive pieces built with high-quality essences and materials come to life. In them one can admirewoodworking skills, inlays and carvings inspired by period collections, decorations entirely in tempera with natural earth tints, polishing done with gum lacquer pad, patination with natural earths, and application of antiqued gold and silver leaf.

All strictly handmade by expert craftsmen, all exclusively Made in Italy.

High-profile design and excellent craftsmanship: a meeting of “Expressions of Style”

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Prestigious craftsmanship techniques combined with the commitment of designers and interior decorators to the continuous search for the unprecedented, allow Arte Bassanese to also offer contemporary collections, custom designs and fabrications in the ideal style for the client and their setting, using state-of-the-art tools and solutions.

The Venetian cabinetmaker

He was born in the 1940s in the lower Veronese area of Veneto and at a very young age began his training in the art of furniture making. His apprenticeship takes place at ancient craft workshops that encapsulate history and culture.

He gained experience in all stages of furniture work, from design to fabrication: in drawing, hand carving, inlaying, polishing and varnishing, thus becoming a true master of art. It was from the restoration of antique furniture and the experience I had that the idea of reproducing unique handcrafted pieces was born. His education was enriched by the meetings and comparisons he had with other furniture manufacturers, designers and architects, during his many trips to Italy and abroad, to trade shows and antique exhibitions that led him to search for original and valuable pieces. Continuing education, always evolving.

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Unique pieces

The proposed collections are a guarantee of uniqueness and creativity that come from the hands of experienced craftsmen, capable of producing the unique “piece.”

Woodworking skill is supported by the choice of high quality and excellent materials, strictly always in solid, fir walnut and other woods. Differences in the grain of the furniture, the presence of slight cracks, small knots or different shades testify to the naturalness of the wood and contribute to the originality of the furniture itself. Inlays are given by combinations of wood with elegant artistic overlays of various colors, while expert craftsmen carve, exclusively by hand, faithful reproductions of designs inspired by period collections.

All decorations are executed by hand with skillful mastery of color combination, entirely in tempera with natural earth tints. An antique patina gives the feeling that the product is original, belongs to distant eras. The attention to detail is extreme and rigorous, a concrete example of which are the small leaves that adorn the antiqued gold and silver cabinet.

All finishes then are with water-based earth tints, polishing is done by buffing, and patinas are done exclusively with natural pigments and beeswax. Strictly both the construction and painting of the product are carried out entirely by handcrafted methods.

The choice of upholstery features fine fabrics made of natural fibers with a high level of aesthetics and quality. The padding is also taken care of and follows the ancient spring system.

Finishing components are not neglected either; on the contrary, they symbolize meticulous and original research of period references. Glass is antiqued using precise and careful traditional methods. Constant reinterpretation of original works is part of the culture and quality of a true author’s “piece.”

Bassanese Art

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